Nova Scotia: One of the best places to take a vacation

It will be one of the best places for you to take your annual or quarterly vacation if you are one of those, are the numbers growing (?), who always love spending more time outdoors, love being close to nature and all the crispness and freshness that it brings. If you love being out in the countryside and away from it all, the usual urban city buzz, then you might like being in and around Nova Scotia. In Nova Scotia is a place called Colchester County. It is here where you come closer to your holiday idyll.

canoe rides nova scotia

If you are going to be vacationing in Nova Scotia then you are going to be really close to Irwin Lake, and it is here that you will be taking your first batch of boat, kayaking, paddle boating and canoe rides nova scotia style and tradition. This is good for you if you are one of those, and again, are these numbers growing, who love being physically active on most occasions. If you wish to stay away from water for a while, then there is always your walking and hiking to look forward to. If you love the snow during the winter months, then you can always go snowshoeing.

That is hiking with snowshoes on, right? And if you really love being this close to nature, really close that it’s almost personal then you might want to go bird watching. Are there any other animals to see? Well, there must be, seeing that you’ll be covering no less than twelve acres of natural land, and that, surely, is a lot of ground to cover. And don’t forget that you can visit some of Nova Scotia’s fine towns, stopping in at their crafts shops and museums.